Ready To Work Less And Earn More, To Transform Your Lifestyle Into 
Freedom Lifestyle?

If you’re ready to take control of your future, Muriel and Dirk are the right people to help you.

Muriel and Dirk coached me from September 2018 through January 2019 and helped me grow as an entrepreneur and as a person. 

Besides being very nice people, they are passionate about helping others grow. They use this passion and a structured approach to teach you a mix of entrepreneur skills, mindset and technical skills. 

When I joined them I was looking to become a digital nomad as a social media marketer. Muriel and Dirk inspired me with their story as they were literally moving to Costa Rica to become digital nomads themselves.

I had started my business a few months earlier without any experience in the social media marketing field. Sure, I knew the technical stuff about social media and I was following blogs and vlogs to find out about new functionalities. And from my former jobs I had gained some coaching skills. But I could not really sell all of this as I was lacking self confidence and focus. 

At the end of the coaching I had learned a lot about Instagram and about entrepreneurship. But the most valuable things they taught me were how to focus and how to trust in that I am worth doing business with. As a result, I am coming across much more relaxed and convinced about my own products and services. 

I found out that this focus and self confidence translates into new business opportunities and personal growth. So they have empowered me to take control of my future.

Now, this all does not come free. They expect you to put in the same time and effort that they do. If you make the effort I am sure that it will be worth it. 

Dirkjan Hupkes - Social Media Marketer

Thank you so much for everything. in these 3 months, I have acquired 4 new clients all paying a 4-digit price for my coaching programs. 
That is definitely attributed to your mental, emotional and spiritual inspirations you have given us. 
Working on my mind set has always been one of my favorit hobbies and with you, I have learned so many additional tools. 

Thanks to everyone in the group - it has been a pleasure working with and being inspired by you. You are amazing people and I am very glad we have met. 

Dolores H.

Dear @Muriël Dijkema and @Dirk Van Waasbergen, thank you so much for the awesome workshop. 
I learned so much from you! I love your energy and enthusiasm and marketing knowledge. Sorry that i was not so very active in the group, but it was a very busy time for me. 
This is not a goodbye Dirk and Muriel:) because we will make beautiful things happen in the near future. 
Good luck to everyone in the group, and hope we stay connected !! Love, 

Birgit Dieleman

 This year I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be trained and coached by Dirk and Muriel. WOW, what a difference it has made! Dirk and Muriel are absolutely the most passionate people I have ever met and their main goal it to help others. 
Dirk and Muriel are genuinely committed to helping each and every one of the people they are working with and this commitment shows with all of the success people are having that they have trained and coached, myself included! They really want everyone to find success. And what is most impressive is their ability to shift to the varied needs of the individuals in the group. We all have varying levels of experience.
 Dirk and Muriel always make sure everyone is getting what they need in order to move forward.
The training is well focused in the various areas that we need to educate ourselves in. 
Whether it be building your brand online, developing your leadership skills, leveraging Facebook or Instagram mastery, they work hard to fulfil the needs of the group and expect everyone to work hard too. 

Dirk and Muriel provide step by step directions for what you need to do in your business AND they help you understand the importance of personal mind set as well. 
The other important thing about being coached by these two – they HAVE the success we are all striving for. They are living it, right now, so their training and coaching is completely relevant about how to work online right now. 
I am so grateful I have had and continue to have the privilege of being trained and coached by these two incredible people. Thank you!

Anita O. Online entrepreneur
The Workshop Intensive
Work Less And Earn More
What will we cover?
Module 1: How to Create a Crystal Clear Vision for Your Future
Learn how to create your vision within 5 easy steps.
This training includes a core assignment and daily exercises. 
Vision is the art of seeing what others cannot see. A clear vision can be seen as the foundation of any successful business! 
The exercises in this session will help you to: 
  • Grow your business with an unstoppable drive
  • Give you and your business a clear destination
  • Make you irresistible for others to follow! 
Module 2: How to Create a 3D Vision Board
Learn how to create your 3-dimensional vision board based on your personal vision.
We will give you tips and tricks, important do’s and don’ts and show you some examples of our other students. We encourage you to work on the creation of your board, while you continue with all next Workshop Intensive sessions.

Why the vision board? Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. According to the popular book The Secret, “The law of attraction" is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are broadcasting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.” 
Module 3: How to Define Your Target Audience
"When you market to every body, you might as well market to nobody."

Learn how you can define your target audience with this clear assignment.
Learn how to attract your perfect customer, because now you speak the same language. 
This is the foundation of “attraction marketing”, the replacement of chasing and pitching people who didn’t have the intention to buy from you anyways.

Module 4: How to Brand Yourself and Create Your X Factor.
What is branding?

What do people think of when they think of you?

Why it’s important and
How to brand yourself in such a way that you stand out from the crowd of competitors.   

Module 5: How to Create Your Marketing Wheel
Capture pages, bridge video's, sales pages, autoresponders, Facebook groups, traffic.
Learn what a funnel is and what all the components are and what they all do.

This module is the preparation for the Module 6 and it's crucial to watch first.

Module 6: How to Build a High Converting Sales Funnel
In this Module Dirk will take you by the hand and build a Sales Funnel with you: the automated and online way to follow up with prospects and building a relationship .

Step by step you will go through the building process and he will show you some ninja tricks that helped us to go from zero to multiple 6 figures.

This is the module where you'll learn how you connect all the dots
Module 7: Email Marketing
Learn how to use email marketing effectively and see how your emails are a crucial key in the marketing wheel. 

When you apply all tips and strategies shared in this session, your target audience will be able to see you pop up everywhere!

If you're not applying this in your business, you're leaving a lot $ on the table.

Module 8: How to Create a Raving Audience on Facebook
Learn how to increase your facebook follow, build up rapport and generate free facebook leads.

Module 9: How to Use Grandma Proof Modern Technology
A tour showing you our most used 100% online systems and (free) tools to create location freedom in your business.
It includes tools for:
  • Automation
  •  Design
  •  Information
  •  Online meetings
  •  Video
  •  Images
  •  And many many more
Module 10: Quantum Physica and Mindfulness
The importance of daily mindfulness for your business explained by special guest-speaker Menno Fennema: who works as quantum physics therapist, does shamanistic energy work and is a mindfulness teacher. 
Walk away with simple but important exercises and idea’s to keep your energy level high in life and business.

Module 11: How to Use Video to Create a Celebrity Status.
In this session we show you where and how to use video in all the different places within your marketing wheel.

Learn how easy it is to have people to get to know, like and trust you without you ever having to meet or speak to them in real life, EVER.
Module 12: How to Create a Legacy
Learn about the importance of leadership.
It is what makes people follow you.
Learn what you can do to create your tribe. 
Includes a final advice for sustaining your strong thriving energy to leave a legacy with your business and vision.
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We want you to have everything you need, from a strong winners mindset to being able to run tons of traffic to your opportunity, from creating funnels to have no doubt on how to close a sale.
Bonus 1...
The Facebook Chat Mastery Part 1 & 2
Learn how to connect with people with Facebook chat. 
And get them interested in what you have to offer without throwing links at them.
What to answer when awkward questions arise.
When we started to apply this into our business we were able to add a few zeros behind the numbers on our bank account in no time.
Value $297
Bonus 2...
FreedomLifestylesAcademy Mastermind & Coaching Group
Even after you have gone through the training and you will always have a spots in our mastermind and coaching group.
You' will be the first one updated about what working in the industry and if you are working with Instagram, this is where you will find ongoing support through weekly live Q and A
Value $1297
"When you are ready..."
"To step into your full potential and connect with a deeper level of consciousness."

"To be able to build a business around your talent and passion."

"To create a rippling positive effect into your life, affecting your relationships, your work, your business and attracting positivity time after time in the best possible way." 

"To learn how to build a freedom based business online."

Yearly  Lifetime access Special
  • 12 Weeks - Implementation Course
  • 15 min  Welcome / Orientation Call With Muriel
  • Lifetime Access To Your Products
  • Lifetime access to our mentorship and coaching group
  • Never Having To Worry About Traffic
  • Duplicatable Facebook Chat Script & Facebook Group Follow Up Strategy
  • Phone-Sales-Script
  • Evergreen Environment 
  • All Future BONUSES (list is too long to list here)
We can hear you thinking: "Is this really worth it?" or is this just the next course I'll buy that will not bring me anywhere?
Even after reading and watching all the testimonials our happy students left for us, you are still not sure?

Why not connect with Muriël and apply for an exclusive free, one on one, coaching session.
Get clear on what you want and get clear on how we can help you best.

The worst thing that can happen is that you walk away a little wiser. 
When you feel aligned with 4 or more of the examples below? 
The Freedom Lifestyles Academy's Workshop Intensive 
is a "No brainer"
  •     Do you pursue a profitable and sustainable (online) business that serves more people AND creates a happier you? 

  •    Are you preaching freedom having your own (online) business, but you feel that you’re living the nightmare, being far from (financial) freedom and abundance so far?

  •    Are you’re searching for more fulfilment in your work and have the desire to feel more confident? 

  •    Do you want to feel fearless but you are facing a blockade for revealing the AUTHENTIC you? 

  •    Are you in search for clarity about your path, knowing what to focus and defocusing on? 

  •    Are you hitting the wall again and again and your big financial breakthrough seems to go further and further away?
  •    Do you pursue serving bigger groups of people BEING the visionary leader hiding in you? 

  •    Have you invested in (ten) thousands of dollars of education and you feel that “something” is holding you back from opening your money pipeline? 

  •    Do you want to learn how to be the creator of your abundant life? 

  •    Do you feel that fear is in charge of you, and you want to learn a way to master that in order to make passion your primary drive? 

  •    Do you see yourself learning & growing with the support of a coach who simply want to see you succeed, and who believes in you? 

  •    Are you on a crossing point in life where you feel it’s time to do things a different way?        Do you feel worthy to invest in yourself and you are searching for a coach to guide you in that process of creating a stronger and happier business? 

"We connected with Dirk and Muriel in October 2016 through social media and at the time were looking for methods of attracting more customers to our home business. It soon became clear to us that Dirk and Muriel would be the right people to become our mentors and guide us on our journey to changing our life.
They have shown us the importance of remembering our goals for the future and how important our mindset is in achieving these. They remind us to focus on our “why” and let this be our motivation to continue working towards growing our personal development which in turn will help others and grow our business. 
Dirk and Muriel have introduced us to many new and innovative methods of connecting with people from all over the world using Instagram and Facebook to assist with building our online business - this has freed us from ever having to harass family and friends again! They have taught us some incredible ways of achieving large volumes of lead generation that we never knew existed. This training has been invaluable.
Part of the mentorship they have provided has been boosting our self development by not only providing one on one coaching and inspiration but also involving us with chat groups both on Facebook and live which have helped us incredibly. We have learned that you need to surround yourself with like minded people who have the same goals and a positive outlook - this is a major influence on what you will achieve. The live group chats allow you to grow as individuals as you are required to become involved, leave that comfort zone we slip into, step up and take initiative and be accountable. 
Dirk and Muriel have a special way of mentoring, freely giving support and encouragement as needed but quietly stepping back so you will work through issues yourself at the same time. They are like a loving mum and dad watching their children find their way and be successful. You actually want to make them proud."

Brad and Diane - founders of Enhanced Perspective
Big Audiences
Small Audiences

We serve...

"Speaking on stages around the world"
And Why You Should Lock Your Spot Today
Others that just finished the workshop Intensive share their biggest take away....
"Look, what’s holding you back so far from your desired success has nothing to do with that you were born for bad luck.

Trust me, it’s not that you aren’t smart enough or haven’t taken enough courses to figure out what steps you should take next. 

It’s not that others have taken your spot on the throne first, leaving no space for you...  
To know what’s really holding you back and finally get past that stage is a matter of working interactively together on a deeper level with a coach and a group of like- minded people, to unfold  your true potential."
Teaching around the Globe
Interview with two of our students
Hitting leaderboards, not only us, but also our students
"I wanted to share with you I made $3k sale from Instagram. 
Thanks for all your help and patients for my tech issues lol.
You guys are amazing"
Denise G. - Business Owner - Single Mompreneur
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