Private Mentoring, Coaching & Business Consulting
You have your own business, or you're thinking about starting one. But you find yourself "Stuck", what ever you do? You somehow not getting past that invisible ceiling.
The fastest way to get past this hurdle is to be guided and educated along your way and coached one on one: 
By someone:
  • Who takes you through a proven step by step formula
  •  Who is focussed on you and works with you in a private setting
  •  Who anticipates on your personal challenges
  •  Who offers you support and assistance
  • Who helps you implement new ideas and to achieve your desired goals
  •  who will stimulate you to step outside of your comfort-zone
Even top athletes have coaches, even after earning ten gold medals. There is always another level and standing still actually means going backwards... 
We have, depending on what you’re looking for, short term, medium or long term coaching for the period of 3, 6 up to 9 months. 1 Year+ is an option when we both agree that the personal game plan we created together absolutely deserves 12 months or longer.

Because of the huge amount of requests we get, we’ve started to qualify a very limited amount of people for our private coaching and business consultation, for whom are looking to elevate their quality of life and / or business conversions exponentially in 
different areas.

What it really takes to get off that current level plateau you are on?
Look, this is how I see it...

- You have been in business for a while, and you know what you should be doing, but you may not have figured it out yet.

- You know you are smart and definitely capable of succeeding.

- You have already had (some) success and you know how to make money, but you have that feeling you're banging your head against that imaginary ceiling.

- You're also more then aware that it is you that is getting in your way but you haven’t figured out to step aside.

- You are also probably getting pretty annoyed of not being where you’d really like to be.

- You really want a business that is profitable and at the same time let’s you do you what you're passioned about and help as many people as possible around the world.
I get it!
I have been there, done that, went through the mind blowing rollercoasters, banged my head against the wall and found a way out.

This is what I think would be essential for you business...

- You want to be crystal clear in your messaging

- You want to be seen/heard/held and not just be a number waiting in line.

- You want to have clarity about your marketing wheel, knowing that everything just clicks.
- You want a toolbox full of tools that will help you to stop procrastinating, especially when you get overwhelmed or hit a new place in your business. 

- You would love getting authentic visibility in a way that works for YOU. 
Not some cut-and- paste version of you, but the real you that your ideal clients will come running for. 

- You want someone like me to get the "magic" out of you and help to spread your message out in the marketplace.

- You would be delighted and almost going bananas if you no longer have “money mindset” issues so you can grow an even more profitable business. 

- You are ready become the best, unshakeable and confident version of you.

- You want a plan, a plan that fits YOU and no one else.

Thank you Muriël!! 
I wouldn’t have survived online for this long if it wasn’t for you two!! So thank you for being the best mentors I could have asked for!! 
I’m really happy you made the choice on FLA and I absolutely love the affiliate program!! You rock!! Enjoy the rainy season and your new reality!! Lotta love

Henriette A.
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