Coaching Packages
Private Mentoring, Coaching & Business Consulting
The fastest way to level up the quality of your life and if you have a business, your business results, is to be coached and mentored along your way 1 on 1 by someone who has seasoned experience, who's willing to share skills, knowledge and expertise and who desires to help others succeed.

We offer short term and long term 1 on 1 coaching packages:
Vincent C.
Deep Dive Orientation Assessment Session 
45 Minutes.
During our call we will focus on your goals and aspirations. Together we'll focus on finding and naming the roadblocks preventing you from achieving your goals on a personal or business level.

Together we will address your challenges, set specific milestones, and strive to make a plan to move forward, solve the blockages or find a way to work around them.

My mission is that you walk away from our session with fresh idea's, clarity and a clear plan and that you know exactly what steps or coaching you need to move forward.

Looking Over Your Shoulder Coaching 
Business Sales Funnel Improvement Coaching Or Help To Build (Your First) One.
We can look over your shoulder at your website into your (social media) sales funnel and share our best advice to grow your audience on Social Media, grow your visitors, conversions, leads and sales, and especially: "Connect The Techie Dots".  We can also show you how to replace offline meetings with communication tools like Zoom, in order to create more time and location freedom in your business.
Our expertise is helping you improve :
  • ​Your insights about which digital tools and coaching programs are the best today helping you step by step getting more visitors on your website (traffic) and how to successfully follow up with them and convert them into paying customers - even when you're at the beach!
  • ​Congruency between your target audience, products/ services, and your marketing. 
  • ​The attractiveness of your links so more people will click on them.
  • ​The technical part of your funnel, like connecting a website, thank you page, email autoresponder and FB Messenger-bots together correctly to build a warm relationship with your audience after they visited your website. 
  • ​Your email copy - for increasing open rates, engagement and responsiveness with prospects.
  • ​Outsourcing, and group leverage by building and using systems to help more people, earn more, work less.

1 Session might be enough depending on your questions. But of course it's not possible to cover everything.
If you think you need more guidance, either book multiple sessions or connect with Muriël first to consult on how many would be necessary.   
Release Your Inner Warrior 
 "Exclusive Mindset Coaching Teaching You To Manifest Anything You Desire"
8 Weeks Coaching
- Including Deep Dive Orientation Assessment Session. 

(Also if you don't have a business) This coaching program opens the door to your infinite possibilities.
Be coached in unblocking your inner blockades to happiness, joy and wealth creation in your life.

Go through a guided process of identifying, releasing and moving past old wounds and challenges that sabotage you to live your life in full-potential. 

We will be working with the principle of “the quantum physics model of reality”: Stating that your environment is an extension of your mind. 

If you truly change your mind, you will discover the evidence in your life. 

You will get a step by step action plan to handle your fears in a way that you can duplicate over and over, also when you are challenged in a later stage of your life.

You will be personally coached in creating your vision, in creating your vision board and get practical daily steps to make your vision happen. This coaching is focused on working actively on your mindset, self-esteem, positive expectations and the formula to manifest anything you desire.

While working on this together in a 1 on 1 coaching setting, you will also be prepared for setbacks after completing this coaching program, and learn how you can prevent falling back in old patterns after achieving your goals, prevent dealing with the entrepreneurial roller coaster if you have a business, and learning how to anticipate on huge setbacks to keep the momentum up and running.

Transformational Life-Coaching 
"Come Home To Who You Really Are"
3 Months Coaching -12x 90 minute 1 on 1 sessions with Muriël
- Including Deep Dive Orientation Assessment Session
When you are looking for a way to improve your life in the areas of health, money, relationships, peace of mind or to have more fun. 

This coaching program is designed to empower you with the skills and mindset to break through the walls you’re experiencing, preventing you from getting to where you pursue to be.

I will help you to navigate through the process of transformation into a better version of you, (self) discovery along your way, for living out your VISION. 

Discover your passion, purpose, and revealing core qualities.

You will be coached on how to take action with simple daily actions steps that will move you forward in personal and spiritual growth, business, relationships, finances or other topics you choose to work on in the optional list below.
You will ultimately be empowered to turn your feeling of energy loss into becoming a high vibrating person that’s a magnet for what you want more of.

You choose to work with a life coach for 1 or several reasons. 
Some examples:

- To make substantial personal change
- To reduce stress
- To discover your passions, talents, values and authentic voice
- To start a new career or business
- To balance family-life and work
- To improve relationships
- To move forward with a plan that has been procrastinated for a long time
- To receive feedback, and have a sounding board 
- To get more motivation
- To lean on countability
- To increase creativity and productivity 
- To Increase financial abundance
- To have a deeper sense of spirituality and purpose
- To experience more joy, fun, happiness and passion for life
- To find direction and support in times of transition
- To make a dream or something that is important to them happen
- To create a simpler, more organized life and solve or prevent chaos and apathy
- To design a long term life plan including business and personal goals
- To create a fulfilled life and leaving a legacy

Learn how to put all your burdens down, make space for abundance and and then move in the direction feeling fulfilled and balanced in your life. 

My job…
To facilitate, not to lead, and to draw out the answers that are already there hiding within you.
To unlock your potential and accelerating your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. 

I am committed to you and your best interests. I will give you my undivided attention, share observations, ask powerful questions that may not always be easy to answer, and reflect back to you what I hear striving in all of this to get to the heart of the issue quickly.

I am trained to really hear what’s in your heart, not only what's in your head. While the topics of the coaching may be quite serious in nature, there will be lightness and laughter at times.

I will encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zones and explore new things by making requests of you which you can accept, reject or modify.

I will not tell you what to do. I will support you in deciding your best course of action, and then, hold you accountable to do it.

As your coach, I am a resource and a presence. I am here for you.

Your job…
Is to recognize that the results are the rippling effect of your intentions, choices, and actions and that you must be willing and able to make changes.

It is your responsibility to be committed, true at heart and motivated into action. You will choose the focus of the conversations.

The more clear you are, the quicker I can get a true picture of things.

Your growth will come from the work you do in the time between our sessions when you are doing discovery work and/or reflecting over our session, brainstorming new thoughts and perspectives.

The more you strive to apply and surrender yourself fully in coaching, coaching is bound to be successful.

If this is what you looking for, please apply for a 1 on 1 call with Muriël by filling out our survey.
We love to hear from you!
Master Coaching Program Intensive 
"Unleash Your Business Beast Mode"
6 months coaching.
-Including Deep Dive Orientation Assessment Session. 

If you have been in business a while, you know what you
should be doing or could be doing.
But, somehow you are not allowing yourself to do that.


what you have been doing just doesn't seem to be working anymore.

These are the three reasons why:
If your Mindset is not strong and the "little voices" in your head are taking over most of the day and you are not in Alignment with your business, the outcome and goals won't Manifest
I can show you how to shift all of these.

During this Master Coaching Program Intensive I will work with you on a weekly basis 1 on 1, to not only Unleash Your Business Beast Mode, but also thrive to get the best out of you on all other parts of your life.
This Exclusive Coaching Program Includes:
  • 45 Minutes 1 on 1 Deep Dive Orientation Session.

  • Workshop Intensive “How To create Your Marketing Wheel - Super Elite Edition:  12x 60 minutes video recorded coaching sessions (spread over a period of 12 weeks), INCLUDING 12x 60 minutes 1 on 1 weekly countability, feedback and personal coaching on your Workshop Intensive Progress. 

  • ​6 Figure Instagram Traffic Mastery: Video recorded coaching series with step by step guidance to set up multiple Instagram accounts and creating your sales funnel to gather a hot audience of potential customers, a warm engaged email list and sales on autopilot through your bio.

  • ​Access to our 24/7 Instagram support group with LIVE Q and A and updates on a regular bases.

  • ​You Tube Marketing Module: Video recorded coaching product, where you will learn how to get more exposure online, attracting strangers to your business, creating trust, becoming a familiar face for your followers, ranking high in search engines and generate hot leads.

  • ​5 Instagram accounts ran for you by our Agency (we guarantee a minimum 500 warm and engaged Instagram followers per month per account) for the period of 6 months.

  • ​Facebook Chat and FB Group Mastery part 1 and 2, including ready to go (phone) scripts:
    Video recorded coaching series. 

  • ​3 Months Transformational Lifestyle Coaching - 12 x 60 minutes per week 1 on 1.

  • ​8 Weeks Release Your Inner Warrior Mindset Coaching - 1 x 60 minutes per week 1 on 1.

  • ​Branding advice: 4x 60 minutes 1 on 1.

  • ​2x 60 minutes LIVE Workshop "Creating Engaging Social Media Images With Your Brand",
    on phone and computer/ laptop.

  • ​Looking over your shoulder into your Sales Funnel 5x 60 minutes 1 on 1:
    "Check & Connect The Techie Dots".

  • ​Craft Your Story Module: Video recorded coaching product, so you'll learn to use hypnotic story telling in your email copy, on your social media, (bridge) video marketing and on stage.

  • ​All In Coaching Call Strategy - You'll learn how to close people easy and fast on the phone/Skype on high ticket products from $1000 - $50.000,00+ :
    - Recorded video product.
    - 2x 60 minutes 1 on 1 coaching sessions to practice and becoming a PRO.

  • ​ Between Sessions Communication Package: Chat/ email communication, additional to your 6 months private coaching program, during office-hours: 30 minutes x 24 weeks.

  • So if you're looking to shorten your learning curve, fast track your results, and work hard for a period of 6 months, you just found the best coaching program for you!                                    *** Limited spots for 8 people only *** 
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