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We appreciate you in all your uniqueness.
It’s our mission to see you leaving our page totally happy & inspired, hearing the right words as final note.

We believe that you can do anything, since Thomas Edison invented the Light Bulb, The Wright Brothers the Airplane and Alexander Graham Bell the Telephone knowing they have felt discouraged, faced struggle and failure, but they all moved forward until their dreams were realized.
"You deserve to understand that true business success has 
nothing to do with luck”
It’s for those who DECIDE to succeed, stay focused, grow from within, help others and never ever quit on their dreams.

And that means that everyone can create their desired state of being and their ideal level of business results.
There is NO REASON to place yourself in the “ugly“ average group of 98% - quitting people’’.

In the past 3 years, along our way as mentors and coaches we have discovered that the group of “98 percenters” are individuals who simply need that extra guidance to be able to tap into their inner power, by finding sincere support and countability of a group of supportive others, who BELIEVE that they CAN build a strong and sustainable (online) home based business.

It’s often the simple things that matter, like extra backup and step by step coaching, to survive the entrepreneurial roller coaster and the feared “techie skill-set learning curve”, where most people get discouraged by.
I hear you ask “who are you guys?” and what makes you so passioned about helping others?
It was the year 2001...

Our one year anniversary...

We had just quit our jobs, sold most of our stuff and canceled the rent...

And we were about to leave the country by train...

Our dream had always been to travel from the Netherlands to India and beyond....over land.

So we found ourselves with a backpack at the train station. 

A handful of friends, moms and dads, smiles and tears.

China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam....and back to China for 2 more months!

After that we took our first flight to India to relax in Goa for about 6 weeks.

Being freaked out in Varanasi, we decided to find some peace in Nepal.
Through Germany, Poland al the way to Moscow...
On to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, only to fall in love with Kyrgyzstan.

After spending 2 days at the Caravan Serai and three days in a Wolga (the Russian version of a Cadillac) we were finally able to cross the border into China.

The journey continued...
Walked the Annapurna circuit in 23 days, passing the 17769 ft high pass....just by the two of us



In 2003 we came home with Sem, our daughter. 

Look, we can go on and on telling stories about our travel, but what happened next almost killed our dreams
The reason why we share this with you is to press upon you that it is so important to have a goal.

It really doesn't matter if you haven't figured out how to get there.

But if you don't know where you want to go then how can you expect to get there!

We had one goal...


It took us 13 months to get there...

Only bought a oneway train ticket to Moscow...

You see....

You only need to know your first step and the vehicle you need to get there.

Sometimes you will run into issues or let's call them challenges

We had to figure out how to get a Chinese visa in Kyrgyzstan...

How to get past that guard.

After three days we learned that we just had to bribe him
and before we knew we had our visa.
You are probably here because you have a dream.

Maybe a dream of
- Freedom...
- Spending more time with your loved ones...
- Being able to travel the world...
Or maybe you just want to quit your J.O.B...

Because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired...

But you don't know where to begin...
The "voices" in your head telling you otherwise...

We understand, there is so much out there. 
After coming home everything changed

Muriel started to work as a social worker and worked with many different people, from runaway kids up to criminals who everybody else had given up on.

Dirk opened his first restaurant in 2005, another dream came through...

What he didn't know back then was that working IN your business was not the smartest thing to do.
Working 70+ hours a week was no exception.
8 years of struggling was laying ahead us...

Living from paycheck to paycheck, because paying off the debt came first, working 7 days a week.

It all ended in 2013 when Dirk bought his third restaurant and hit bankruptcy with that one within 7 months.

Being left with $300K in debt...

Having a family to provide for and a dream of freedom and to be able to travel again is what made Dirk go out and explore new possibilities.

Having one restaurant left and a pile of debt, he desperate searched for a way to get more customers.

That is what brought him to the internet.
We started to study everything there was to find about building your business online and started to implement everything we learned in our restaurant.


42% more revenue...

But maybe more important we found a new way of serving people.
Not by serving them diner or finding them a new home/shelter.

No, serving people with knowledge. 

We decided to focus more and more on the online world.
Made new contacts.
Found a 7 figure mentor.

And invested multiple 6 figures in our education. 
Not only did we learn how to market, to get more people into the restaurant...

But maybe more importantly...

We started to develop ourselves...
Started to change the way we were thinking...

This changed everything for us...

Muriël left her job at the end of 2015 and We finally found a buyer for the restaurant in 2016 and on august first we handed over the keys.
We were invited by many to speak on stages around the world.

To talk about Instagram.
To talk about the marketing wheel and how to build a strong and unstoppable mindset.
We  found ourselves of leaderboard of MLM companies and made new friends around the world.
Not only that but we could travel again.
In 2016 we visited 9 different countries

And in 2017 alone we already travelled to Thailand, Atlanta, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.
And many more to come.
In 2018 we will move to Costa Rica permanently!

Over the last 3 years we have helped hundreds of strangers to have breakthroughs.
As well in personal development as in growing their business

We will continue to serve and teach others to live their preferred lifestyle.

With this reason the Freedom Lifestyles Academy has been created.

Feel free to look around, dive into the modules or book a orientation session with Muriël
What do others say about working with Dirk and Muriël?
Kat Zapanta

"I wanted to share with you I made $3k sale from Instagram. 
Thanks for all your help and patients for my tech issues lol.
You guys are amazing"

Denise G. - Business Owner - Single Mompreneur

"This year I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be trained and coached by Dirk and Muriël. WOW, what a difference it has made! Dirk and Muriël are absolutely the most passionate people I have ever met and their main goal is to help others"

Anita O. Online entrepreneur

“Dirk and Muriel have a special way of mentoring, freely giving support and encouragement as needed, but quickly stepping back so you will work through issues yourself at the same time. You actually want to make them proud”

Brad and Diane - founders of Enhanced Perspective
Ryan Availa
Tabatha Jasper
Meaghan Henderson
Brian C.
Ken S.
Dr. Steve
Sarena Mae M
Alicia S.
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